Training & Professional Development

Grant and Contract Research Administration Training/Education (G-CReATE)

G-CReATE is OGCA's program for training opportunities in research administration.

OGCA also offers a service called “Shadowing”.  This is an opportunity for departments/units to observe and gain insight to operations of OGCA.   The Shadowing allows interaction with experienced OGCA staff.  The benefits of Shadowing are:

  • Help to improve communication across departments/units and encourage continuous improvement
  • An excellent networking tool that can facilitate the breaking down of internal barriers across the University
  • An opportunity for OGCA to share best practice and industry standards and to allow for professional development department/unit staff
  • It allows department/unit staff to view processes they are involved in from a different angle

Shadowing is designed to increase awareness of UAF research administration procedures and to help model work expectations through learning and practice. A schedule can be set-up depending on the needs of the individual requesting the service.  To schedule, email

UAF Training

The UAF Training website's purpose is to implement a comprehensive, accessible and innovative training program empowering UAF employees to pursue career development or career change, accomplished through partnering with experts and providing a clear and relevant roadmap, with trackable and meaningful outcomes.

Professional Organizations

Organizations related to professional development within research administration.

Quarterly Proposal Coordinator Meetings (QPCM)

A regularly-scheduled quarterly meeting for unit proposal coordinators and OGCA Pre-Award to discuss current events, best practices, any recurring issues, new trends, and ideas for collaboration. This will be an open discussion style meeting to talk about what's working, what isn't, and what we can all do better.