Federal Shutdown Information

About Federal Shutdowns

What to Expect:

There is potential of a Federal government shutdown starting on October 1, 2023. 

As of right now (9.25.23) OGCA has not received guidance from specific agencies as to how they will be handling the government shutdown. Information provided below is what has happened in the past (AY18/19).  **

**As OGCA gets information we will be updating this webpage in real-time.**

As with previous federal government shutdowns, researchers with active federally sponsored grants and contracts will generally be instructed to continue work unless the project requires significant involvement of federal employees. We have not received sponsor-specific guidance regarding how the potential federal government shutdown may impact submission of new or competing proposal submissions, we anticipate that some agencies will not be available to process these. 

We will continue to monitor agency communications regarding the potential shutdown and provide detailed updates and specific guidance via email and this webpage.

(9.29.23) Office of Justice Programs

It has been determined that, should there be a government shutdown, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has sufficient resources to remain operational until further notice. This means that OJP staff will be available to assist grantees, stakeholders, and the public.

Likewise, all OJP services and systems, including JustGrants, will be available. As an OJP award recipient, your entity should continue its activities and projects as funded under existing grants. Treasury's Automated Standard Applications for Payments (ASAP) System will remain operational for grantees to request and receive payments.

(9.29.23) Council of Government Relations have provided guidance through there website COGR Government Shutdown Guidance


(Prior year information)

Awards/Additional Funding on Existing Awards:

You should not expect any additional funding to be provided by any closed agency until the Federal Government shutdown has ended. We expect not to receive new awards (or incremental funding on existing awards) during the funding hiatus. You may continue to submit requests for Pre-award/Advance Accounts (new awards) and - until otherwise notified by OGCA - continue spending on existing awards for which you feel confident a new increment of funding will be provided. Remember, however, that PIs and departments are responsible for overdrafts in the event that funding does not materialize. For this reason, it is wise to exercise spending restraint.

Proposal Submissions:

OGCA awaiting guidance from agencies.

Existing projects

Continue working normally unless you receive guidance from OGCA or your program officer/grants official to stop work. If you receive a stop work order, immediately send that communication to OGCA.

Technical Reporting

Please continue to submit on time any award reports that become due (even if there is no one at the agency to read it). If you are using an on-line agency reporting system to file your report and the system will not allow you to submit, please specifically note the date/time you attempted submission, and submit your report promptly after the funding hiatus is over.

Agency prior approvals

You will likely not be able to obtain prior approvals from federal officials during the funding hiatus (including requests previously submitted and ones you need now to submit). The specific activities that are the subject of the prior approval should not be undertaken. Consult with OGCA if you have an emergency situation that requires action in this regard.

Requests for Pre-Award Spending/Advance Approval (PASAA)

OGCA awaiting guidance from agencies.

Research Compliance

At this time, we do not anticipate that a shutdown will impact the review and approval of research protocols by UAF's research oversight committees (e.g., IRB, IACUC, etc.). Please note that these services may be more than minimally impacted by a long-term shutdown.


UAF/OGCA will continue to draw down funding if agency payments systems so allow. OGCA is aware that agency payments may be suspended during the funding hiatus and is taking the necessary steps to allow researchers to continue their work uninterrupted. If the event of a long duration shutdown, additional guidance will be issued.

Federal Systems:

OGCA awaiting guidance from agencies.

Work should continue on all federal awards:

Agencies will notify Principal Investigators if work should be stopped or curtailed. However, we do not envision this scenario being commonplace. If you receive specific sponsor guidance, please notify OGCA immediately at uaf-ogca@alaska.edu.


It is likely that each Contract will receive specific guidance as to whether work can continue or if a stoppage is in effect and notify OGCA at uaf-ogca@alaska.edu .

Review Panels:

OGCA awaiting guidance from agencies.