Emergency preparedness for UAF employees

Preparedness Checklist

Sign up for UAF on Alert and make sure to update your contact information if it changes.
Know who your building coordinator is.
Program UAF Police Department’s direct line number into your cell phone for non-emergencies: 907-474-7721. During an emergency call 911 for the fastest response.
Be familiar with the Emergency Response Guide for initial actions.
Review and know the safety measures for the following potential hazards:

Review the Emergency Action Plans for your department and be prepared to execute those plans.
Learn how to recognize the signs of workplace violence.
If working with biological, chemical or radiological agents, make sure you have received the proper safety training regarding personal protective equipment and other safety procedures, including those for storage, use and disposal of these materials. These procedures can be found in UAF’s Link for UAF’s Laboratory Safety Training.
Make or purchase an Emergency Supply Kit for your office and home.


Your Role During an Emergency

Report an emergency by calling 911 or suspicious activity to UAF Police department by calling 907-474-7721 from a cell phone or a campus phone.
Facilitate the appropriate response (e.g., Evacuation, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place).
Provide assistance to injured/disabled individuals when possible.
If you are called back to campus, return to campus as soon as possible.
Assume your emergency response role (e.g., Floor Building Coordinator, Area Building Coordinator, Building Coordinator, etc.) if you have one.
Check in with Department Head and Floor/Area Building Coordinator. Report any missing personnel.
Follow directions given by First Responders.
In the event of a civil disturbance or demonstration that is not registered, blocks access to UAF facilities or interferes with campus operations, do not intervene. Lock doors and windows, secure vital research and continue with your normal routine unless otherwise instructed by UAF Police Department.
In the case of an Emergency refer to UAF on Alert for emergency updates.


UAF on Alert
Office of Emergency Management
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