Whistleblower protection

Jan. 11, 2022

The University of Alaska Fairbanks promotes a community of mutual respect and ethical conduct, including encouraging the members of its community to promptly report activities which violate law, regulation or policy. In support of such goals, it is the policy of UAF to prohibit retaliation in all its forms. This support also includes regularly informing community members of their role in fostering such an environment in accordance with the law, such as providing awareness of the protections and obligations that apply to reporting matter of public concern.

Any employee may in good faith report to or testify before a public body concerning: a violation of federal, state or local law; a danger to public health or safety; gross mismanagement; a substantial waste of funds or clear abuse of authority; or a matter under investigation by the state. “Public body” includes an officer or agency of the University of Alaska. In exercising this reporting right, the employee must reasonably believe that the information is or is about to become a matter of public concern.

Employee protections and obligations regarding reports of these matters of public concern are fully stated in Alaska Statutes 39.90.100 through 39.90.150.