URSA Innovative Technology and Education Awards open Feb. 5

A student works out math problems on an iPad.
Photo courtesy of Leah Berman
Leah Berman was awarded a 2023 ITE Award to purchase iPads with associated software to enhance the design, implementation, and delivery of mathematics and statistics in-person and asynchronous courses and online mathematics and statistics tutoring services.

URSA's 2024 Innovative Technology and Education Awards offer up to $5,000 to support purchases of technology-related equipment, or software to be used in student-based instruction and/or research or project work. Funds for these awards come from a percentage of student fees.

Who may apply? Degree-seeking Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Fulltime Faculty, and Staff from all disciplines and UAF campuses. (UAF Campuses Include: Bristol Bay, Chukchi, CTC, Troth Yeddha’, Interior Alaska, Kuskokwim, Northwest)

Awarded funds must be spent by June 1, 2024 (prior to the fiscal year end).

ITE funds may be awarded in addition to other URSA awards in any given academic year. ITE awardees may only receive an URSA ITE award two out of every three years. This policy allows for a greater number of students to receive awards with limited URSA funds.

Applications accepted Feb. 5 - March 10, 2024 (by 11:59 p.m.)

Apply Today!

Contact the URSA Office with questions today! uaf-ursa@alaska.edu, 907-450-8772