URSA announces Fall 2023 Travel Award recipients

6The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA) congratulates the following undergraduate students who received a Fall 2023 Travel Award to actively participate in a gathering of their professional peers this semester.

Audrey Eikenberry photo outside during summer
Audrey Eikenberry

Audrey Eikenberry
Synthetic Rural Alaskan Microgrid Model Validation Metrics
North American Power Symposium (Asheville, North Carolina)
Mentored by Dr. Phylicia Cicilio




Xochitl Munoz photo outside in winter
Xochitl Munoz

Xochitl Munoz
Hidden mammalian diversity revealed by edentulous jaws from the Upper Cretaceous (late Campanian) Prince Creek Formation of northern Alaska 
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Mentored by Dr. Patrick Druckenmiller



Giovanna Wilde photo indoors
Giovanna Wilde

Giovanna Wilde
Academic English- Perspectives from Alaska
“Exploring Equity and Methodological Advancements to Transform Academic Discourse Teaching and Research" Conference (UCLA, Los Angeles, California)
Mentored by Dr. Ève Ryan



Jessie Skalisky photo outdoors recording data
Jessie Skalisky

Jessie Skalisky
Invasive Plant Seedbank Development After Wildfire In Alaska’s Boreal Forest
Alaska Invasive Species Workshop (Sitka, Alaska)
Mentored by Dr. Katie Spellman



URSA Travel Awards are available on a rolling basis throughout the year and support students who plan to actively participate in a conference, competition, immersive program, performance, workshop, or other type of meeting or congregation of the student's peers/professionals in their respective field. Students with accepted participation to an event are encouraged to apply.

Contact the URSA office for more information on how to apply: uaf-ursa@alaska.edu | 907-450-8772.