URSA announces 2023 summer student project awardees

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity has named four students recipients of its summer student project awards:

  • Samantha Allen, a fisheries and marine sciences major mentored by Emily Reynolds
  • Ryan Owens, a chemistry major mentored by Emily Peterson
  • Xochitl Munoz a geoscience major mentored by Patrick Druckenmiller
  • Iva Thomason, a fisheries and marine sciences mentored by Sarah Ellen Johnston and Paige Kehoe

URSA student project awards are available for fall, spring and summer terms. They support undergraduates of all disciplines as they pursue research and creative activity projects at UAF. For more information on this semester’s student projects, visit the URSA award recipients webpage.

For more information, contact the URSA office at uaf-ursa@alaska.edu or 907-450-8772.