URSA announces 2023 Spring Student Project Awardees

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA) congratulates the following individuals who received an URSA 2023 Spring Student Project Award.

- Brooke Fisher (Anthropology), mentored by Dr. Brian Hemphill.
- Rodolfo Garcia (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics & Psychology), mentored by Dr. Lawrence Duffy.
- Susan Glade (Natural Resources Management), mentored by Dr. Mingchu Zhang.
- Sierra Lloyd (Interdisciplinary Studies: Marine Chemistry), mentored by Dr. Ana Aguilar-Islas.
- Meredith McMahon (Anthropology), mentored by Dr. Robin Shoaps.
- Isabelle Nicolier (Biological Sciences), mentored by Dr. Jessica Glass and Sydney Almgren (Graduate Student).
- Shaylise Sylvester (Psychology), mentored by Dr. Jen Peterson.
- Group Project: Alexis Francisco (Mechanical Engineering) and Tiecheng Wang (Mechanical Engineering), mentored by Dr. Richard Wies Jr.

URSA Student Project Awards are available for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. These awards support undergraduates of all disciplines to pursue research and creative activity projects at UAF. For more information on this semester’s student projects, visit the URSA Award Recipients webpage!

Contact the URSA Office for more information on how to get involved: uaf-ursa@alaska.edu | 907-450-8772.