URSA announces 2023 Innovative Technology and Education awardees

The UAF Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity has recognized 15 people who received an URSA 2023 Innovative Technology and Education award. URSA's ITE awards fund up to $5,000 for technology-related equipment or software for student-based instruction and/or research. 

Following are this year's recipients: 

  • Sydney Almgren, fisheries: e-gel power snap for essential gel electrophoresis analysis
  • Leah Berman, mathematics and statistics: iPads for mathematics and statistics teaching and tutoring
  • Carolyn Comiskey art: ergonomic lab stools
  • Abhijit Dandekar, petroleum engineering: electronic drilling simulator
  • Elaine Drew, anthropology: improving equity and inclusion in research methods training in medical anthropology
  • Virginia Golsan, CTC: increasing student learning through guided reflection
  • Montana Goss, SSS: Student Support Services media and technology loan program update
  • Brendan Graham, Institute of Arctic Biology: The impact of wildfires on the vocal output of boreal bird communities
  • Sarah Ellen Johnston, chemistry and biochemistry: A simple water quality probe for undergraduate research and education
  • J. Jason Lazarus, communications and journalism: revitalizing COJO's student use lab
  • Anna Medina, fisheries: Leica K3C camera and measurement software for image analysis
  • Da-ka-xeen Mehner, art: digital imaging of artwork project
  • Jamie Smith, art: drawing studio projector upgrade
  • Christian Stettler, social work: the critical social worker
  • Yin Zhang, petroleum engineering: CYDAR software to help undergraduate students learn fluids flow in porous medium

For more information, see the ITE award page on the URSA website.