UAF to premiere Merit student achievement platform

UAF is launching a new online tool aimed at highlighting student achievements, such as earning a degree or being named to the deans’ or chancellor’s list. 

Merit does two things: 

  • It allows UAF to share achievements with students’ hometown newspapers and high schools, as well as local elected officials and anyone else the student wants to keep informed of their successes. 
  • It builds a customizable webpage for every student and collects their achievements on that page.

Later this month, students will receive an email from Merit to their university email address, inviting them to claim their Merit page or opt out of Merit. Students have full control over their pages and will be able to customize them and add the emails of people they want to receive announcements about their achievements, such as friends, parents or other family members. Students will retain their Merit pages after they graduate from UAF. Students can find more information about their Merit pages on the Merit student help page. Still have questions? Email