UAF making the switch to Canvas LMS

After a successful pilot in the 20-21 academic year followed by the adoption of Canvas in 2021-22 by the majority of our faculty, UAF is transitioning to Canvas as its new Learning Management System (LMS). Today, more than 77 percent of UAF LMS courses are being taught in Canvas. A big thank you to the faculty who have already made the transition and the staff who supported the faculty to make the switch.

Canvas is customizable, reliable, easily adaptable, and the LMS provides a modern student experience. Canvas has significantly lower bandwidth requirements than Blackboard, making connectivity easier for faculty and students living in low bandwidth areas. It is friendly for diverse learners and is more accessible for students with disabilities.  The mobile app is the most robust in the industry, allowing greater access and flexibility for all students.

UAF is providing ample time for our remaining faculty to migrate from  Blackboard to Canvas by the end of Spring 2024. Support is available through eCampus for training and for conversion of individual courses. Please direct questions to the UAF Faculty Hub Slack or schedule a consultation with an instructional designer at eCampus in preparation for this transition. Canvas DIY resources are available on demand or feel free to RSVP for live workshops. In addition, faculty can submit a request to migrate existing courses from Blackboard to Canvas at any time during the transition period.