UA Press releases three new titles

a graphic showing three book covers
Graphic courtesy of Nate Bauer
“Sin Eaters” by Caleb Tankersley, “Old Woman with Berries in Her Lap” by Vivian Faith Prescott, and “Water the Rocks Make” by David McElroy are three new books from UA Press.

The University of Alaska Press has published three new books, the first since joining the University Press of Colorado publishing consortium in 2021. The new books are:

“Sin Eaters” by Caleb Tankersley

The book paints a tumultuous picture of religion and repression while hinting at the love and connection that come with healing. The powerful stories in Caleb Tankersley’s debut collection illuminate the shadowy edges of the American Midwest, featuring aspects of religion, sex and desire, monsters and magic, and humor. “Sin Eaters” is the winner of the Eighth Annual Permafrost Prize. See here for more (use code TANK22 to get a new release discount of 40% off):

“Old Woman with Berries in Her Lap” by Vivian Faith Prescott

Through a single descendant’s voice that speaks to the Sámi diaspora, this collection of poems is a journey through colonialism, transgenerational trauma, and identity. Many have heard of the Sámi reindeer herders brought to Alaska by Sheldon Jackson in the 1800s, but not much is known about the Sámi diaspora experiences in the state and beyond. The poems “Old Woman with Berries in Her Lap” use the North Sámi language as well as graphics and various types of poetry to tell these stories of migration and diaspora. Read more and purchase here:

“Water the Rocks Make” by David McElroy

The poems of “Water the Rocks Make” commit into words the turbulence of emotion and thought stirred up by life’s events: family trauma, psychiatric instability, the legal system, the death of a loved one, identity, cultural displacement, work, loss, creativity and through everything, love. Set primarily in Alaska, where author David McElroy has lived most of his life, the real action in these poems is in thought—the mind coming to terms (words) with consciousness, the mixing and rendering of reality and imagination. Read more and purchase here: