Tips for setting up new phone with DUO MFA

The professionals at Nanook Technology Services have some tips for setting up a new phone to work with DUO for multi-factor authentication.

Does your new phone have the same phone number? 

Even if your new phone has the same phone number, you will need to add it to your DUO account in order for push notifications to work again. When you get the DUO prompt as you are logging in, click the Add Device button and then choose the Call Me option to authenticate, and it will call the same phone number that is already registered. Once you are logged in, follow these instructions to enroll your new phone so that a push notification works on the new phone.

Once you’ve configured your cell phone as your default device, don’t forget to set up your office number as a backup device.

Does your new phone have a different phone number?

If your phone has a different number, then you’ll need to use another device you’ve previously setup in DUO to authenticate and add the new phone.

If you currently don’t have another device setup and aren’t able to authenticate, please contact the Nanook Technology Service Desk for assistance accessing your account.

Questions? As always the professionals at Nanook Technology Services can help: | Phone (907) 450-8300 | Toll-free (800) 478-8226