Survey: Science experiences in Arctic communities and citizen science projects

University scientists working in Arctic communities and on citizen science projects are invited to participate in a survey of their experiences. The results will be used to better understand how scientists are shaped by leading or working on community and/or citizen science projects in the Arctic or sub-Arctic. Sarah Clement, a Ph.D. candidate in UAF’s Natural Resources & Sustainability program, is conducting the research as a part of her dissertation.

The survey takes ten to twenty minutes to complete. It is voluntary and participant names will not be included in results. Upon survey completion, participants' names will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Questions about the survey can be sent to Sarah Clement at or Katie Spellman at For questions or concerns about rights as a research participant, contact the UAF Office of Research Integrity at 907-474-7800, 1-866-876-7800 or The project was approved by UAF's Institutional Review Board, IRB # 1962261-1.