Survey open on graduate students’ well-being

UAF graduate students are invited to participate in a research survey on their well-being. The survey will take 25 to 45 minutes.

A group of UAF researchers — Jen Peterson and Daní Sheppard (Department of Psychology), Mat Wooller (Institute of Northern Engineering and College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences), and Katie McCabe (Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Student Association) are looking for UAF graduate students to complete a survey about their experiences as graduate students and about their well-being.

The goal is to examine what resources students have and what additional resources are needed to improve their well-being. Participants must be age 18 or older and a current UAF graduate student. The survey is anonymous but you may choose to enter your contact information after the survey for the chance to win one of three $20 Fred Meyer gift cards.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email Jen Peterson at For questions or concerns regarding your rights as a research participant, contact the UAF Office of Research Integrity at 474-7800 or 866-876-7800, or email

This announcement was originally posted May 21, 2021.