Sunday night kickball Oct. 22 - Dec. 10

Kickball, a sport many of us have experienced during PE in high school when our coaches needed an easy game to get us outside and moving, is brought to you once more through the UAF Student Recreation Center. Held after closing our facilities, this is a student-member game only.

Come meet and play with people you may not originally know, and engage in friendly competition each Sunday starting Oct. 22 at 7:15 p.m. All you need are good running shoes, a warm up routine, and a signed waiver stating you understand the risks involved with kickball. No sort of unfriendly competition will be permitted; if that occurs you will be asked to leave.

We are going by the World Kickball Association basic rules, we will still play if there are not ten people for each team, the lowest we will do though is 7 vs. 7. If there are any cancellations, you will be emailed an hour prior, and there will notices on the doors that it has been cancelled. You can sign up through Mynookrec; lookup kickball and register for Oct. 22 and 29!

Hope to see you there!