Summer to-do: Move to Canvas

Spring is here, and with it the idea of summer’s to-do list. If you haven’t already, consider adding to your list: transition course content from Blackboard to Canvas. The last semester to run a course in Blackboard for UAF faculty is spring 2024. Most faculty and classes have already moved over to the newly adopted Canvas learning management system.

For those that still have remaining academic content on Blackboard, the best time to move courses over to Canvas is sooner rather than later. eCampus can help you get started early this Summer with our weekly Canvas open labs every Friday. Faculty can also get assistance from the eCampus Design team and from workshops available this coming August and December in preparation for the last two remaining full academic semesters, dates TBD.

eCampus has curated a variety of online resources to help:

For department specific training and any other questions, email Nathan Feemster.

- UAF eCampus Instructional Designers Dan LaSota and Nathan Feemster