Student performance notifications open Jan. 14-25

Jan. 10, 2022

Instructors will be emailing performance feedback to students if they have concerns and or to recognize hard work. The emails will come through the UAF notification system called Nanook Navigator Jan. 14-25 and throughout the semester. 

If you receive a performance message (UAOnline-preferred email address) this is because your instructor is concerned about your long-term success over the semester and they are reaching out to support you. They may also be sending you kudos on your hard work!

We strongly encourage you to contact your instructor directly. Advisors may be reaching out during the semester as well. They too want to help you succeed. 

Please speak with your academic advisor before making any decisions pertaining to your registration in a course as there may be financial aid ramifications. 


UAF Student Success is rooting you on!

For questions, please contact Jessica Skipper at or 907-474-7414.