Spring 2023 Bering Science released

Closeup photo of a sockeye salmon first returning to a river after years at sea with a bright blue-green back and flash of pure silver on its belly.
Photo by Lisa Hupp / US Fish and Wildlife Service
When sockeye salmon first return to a river from their years at sea, their backs are a bright blue-green and their bellies flash pure silver.

UAF's International Arctic Research Center, along with partners at the Alaska Ocean Observing System, released the Spring 2023 edition of Bering Science. The report shares observations and research happening in and around the Bering Sea.

This year’s report focuses on five themes identified by a Community Advisory Panel: crab, harmful algal blooms, salmon, seabirds and climate. Over twenty contributors from local, Tribal, state, federal and university organizations shared their research and observations.

Bering Science is being mailed to coastal communities from Shishmaref to Unalaska. Funding was provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.