PhD thesis: 'Northern Dene Astronomical and Sky-Related Knowledge'

Chris Cannon. Photo courtesy of Chris Cannon.
Photo courtesy of Chris Cannon.
Chris Cannon.

Date: Sept. 17, 2021
Time: 9-11 a.m
Location: Online and ELIF Room 401

Join the CLA Anthropology Department on Friday, Sept. 17, from 9-11 a.m. for Chris Cannon’s Ph.D. dissertation defense on Northern Dene astronomical and sky-related knowledge.

Cannon used an experience-based approach to investigate the ways in which Northern Dene peoples perceive, conceptualize, and integrate the sky and its contents into systems of knowledge, practices, worldview, cosmology, and spirituality. His research is based on more than 11 years of primary fieldwork learning with and from Dene elders, speakers, and culture bearers from 12 ethnolinguistic groups across 32 communities in Alaska and Canada. His dissertation is among relatively few book-length studies in anthropology on the Indigenous astronomical knowledge, perceptions and practices of any extant culture in the world.

Per the approved UAF mitigation plan:

  • Submit RSVP form if attending in person
  • Space is limited to 20 in the UAF ELIF Room 401
  • Face masks are required
  • Email for Zoom access

Download Ph.D. dissertation defense flyer