Permafrost Magazine releases Issue 44.1

Cover image of Permafrost Magazine Issue 44.1, which features a color photograph by Sage Cruiser of a painted mural by Shane Grammer of the front profile of a woman's face in back and white on a concrete wall background framed by the additional walls and decomposing furniture of a roofless building with trees, a hillside, and sky visible in the background.
Cover image of Permafrost (Greenville, California: 2021 by Sage Cruser)

The most recent issue of Permafrost, Issue 44.1, has been released and is now live at the Permafrost website!

This issue features 38 creators of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and visual art. Together, their work interrogates themes of nostalgia, human-nature relationships, identity found and lost, and more. It's a beautiful issue, inside and out, and we're excited to share it with you.

On behalf of the entire Permafrost team, thank you for reading, spreading, and supporting our work.