Parking lot closures

For the past three years, Covid and supply-chain issues have delayed the striping of parking lots. However, with hard work from DDC and grounds, we were able to source the materials and find a contractor. Please note the following lot closures for parking lot prep and paint:

Tuesday, Aug. 23

  • South Bunnell
  • West Eielson
  • Forestry
  • Fine Arts
  • Reichardt

Wednesday, Aug. 24

  • Patty
  • Arctic Health
  • Virology
  • O'Neil

Thursday, Aug. 25

  • Lower Dorms
  • Museum
  • West Bunnell

Friday, Aug. 26

  • Crosswalks

Saturday, Aug. 27

  • Elvey/WRRB
  • Murie
  • West Bunnell

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Please reach out to the Office of the Bursar with any questions or concerns.