Parking for 2021-2022

Welcome to fall 2021! As a reminder, all parking rules and regulations are still in effect. The new 2021-2022 parking permit semester will become available on Monday, Aug. 14. To avoid standing in line and to promote physical distancing, you can buy your parking permit through the online portal. You'll get a two-week temporary permit by email that you can use until your permanent permit arrives by mail. Citations are paused until next week.

Parking Services also offers a variety of short-term parking options.

  • Hourly ($0.75) and daily permits ($5) can be purchased through the Passport Parking app.
  • Weekly ($20) and monthly ($35) permits can be purchased at kiosks.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to review whether their specific situation would benefit from paying a short-term, semester or yearly rate.

To limit touch points on campus that cannot be safely and effectively sanitized, parking meters on campus have been removed. You can pay for short-term parking through the Passport Parking app or Passport Parking website, Zone 909.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call at 474-7384.

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