Over 40 future teachers awarded UA Teacher Internship Scholarship at UAF

The University of Alaska is in its second year of offering the UA Teacher Internship Scholarship to help those interested in teaching to complete a degree and become a certified teacher for Alaska. The scholarship covers tuition and fees at UA Schools of Education as well as a stipend of up to $10,000 to offset living expenses during the critical full-time internship. At UAF, this financial support is offered to undergraduate Elementary and Secondary education candidates who have completed at least 60 credits, and post-baccalaureate candidates for Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education programs.

Scholarship award letters went out on May 1, and UAF has been able to offer Teacher Internship Scholarships to 44 students. This year, the number of applications doubled from last year. The next generation of talented teachers for Alaska resides in our communities; and finding more support like the Teacher Internship Scholarship helps these individuals make it through their post-secondary pathways.

If you would like more information about this scholarship and other ways the UAF School of Education is trying to remove financial barriers to entering the teaching profession, please contact uaf-soe-afford@alaska.edu.