Orientation, graduation fees to be combined

May 8, 2024

Starting in fall 2024, UAF will combine the new student orientation and the graduation fee into a single $225 matriculation fee. Students currently pay a $150 fee for orientation and a $50 fee when they apply for graduation. The new one-time matriculation fee will cover students’ participation in orientation and their application for graduation, even for multiple degrees and future ceremonies. The fee revenue goes toward the cost of both orientation and the commencement ceremony, as well as staffing and materials costs for both. UAF last increased the orientation fee in 2021 and the graduation fee hasn’t increased since 2008. In addition, the University of Alaska consolidated the UA network fee and the UA facilities fee into a new single fee to generate the same net revenue and be easier to predict. The new consolidated fee is $19 per student credit hour. Both of these changes are designed to simplify the student bill as part of UAF's larger goal of modernizing the student experience.