OIT upgrading service request tool

Any OIT customer submitting a support request using the self-service option through OIT’s Service Catalog will notice a slight change later this month. Users should expect to see a new interface when filling out request forms on the OIT website, but should not expect any interruptions or disruptions in service as a result of this upgrade.

While the service catalog content and layout will remain the same, when a customer fills out a request form using any of the blue request buttons located in the upper right of each service entry, they will be greeted with a new form layout. In the past, requests submitted using these buttons linked to a service management tool called Cherwell. After the upgrade, OIT service requests will be tracked using the TeamDynamix tool. 

Watch for more details about new features and enhancements that the addition of TeamDynamix brings to the UAF community. 

Reach out to the your OIT Service Desk for any questions.