Office of the Provost staff changes

July 8, 2024

A portrait of a woman
UAF photo by JR Ancheta
Jen Hoppough

The Provost’s Office will soon see changes to its staff.

Jen Hoppough’s title has been updated to chief of faculty affairs and services to better reflect the variety of services she provides to our faculty, as well as to leadership and administrative staff. In her role, Jen plays a key role in modernizing and implementing faculty processes that academic affairs relies on.

A portrait of a woman
UAF photo by Eric Engman
Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas will join the office as the incoming assistant to the provost and administrative assistant to the Office of the Provost.

Sarah will take over from Alyssa Enriquez, who will join the Center for Teaching and Learning as an instructional designer.

Alyssa will be on limited hours at the Office of the Provost starting July 8, 2024. Sarah’s first day at the Provost’s Office will be Monday, July 15, 2024. Please note that there may be delayed responses to inquiries during this transition.