New for fall 2024 UAF Bookstore Bundle

UAF is making it more affordable and convenient for students access their required course materials with the launch of the UAF Bookstore Bundle program. Starting in fall 2024, students will have the option to rent all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes, digital materials and electronic books for a flat fee of $20 per credit hour. This charge is automatically applied to their student account upon registering for classes. Students who prefer not to participate will have the option opt-out of the program and continue to purchase their course materials on their own.

Through this program, implemented in partnership with Barnes & Noble College, course materials will be made available to students in time for the first day of class, ensuring all students are prepared for learning and positioned for academic success immediately. It also eliminates the need to purchase materials individually, with estimated student savings of between 35-50%.

UAF Bookstore Bundle fully supports academic freedom and faculty choice, allowing instructors to choose the materials that are best suited for their teaching, regardless of publisher or format. Adoptions of course materials needed to be submitted through the Adoptions and Insight Portal no later than April 15 for the fall semester. This includes if no materials are required. Cooperation with this deadline ensures that students receive their textbooks on time for the start of the semester.

A month prior to the first day of classes, students will receive an email from the UAF bookstore prompting them to select their preferred delivery method. The bookstore will prepare materials for each student and notify them when materials have shipped or are available for in-store pickup. Digital materials will be delivered within Canvas, the university’s online course management system.

Students will be able to see comparable prices for purchasing textbooks outside of the program at the time they register. In most cases, UAF Bookstore Bundle will provide significant savings. Students also may opt out of the program each semester and purchase books elsewhere.

Learn more about the UAF Bookstore Bundles program at