New first aid kits on campus

Upgrading old first aid kits can be a small but significant step toward ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself, your family, and your workplace. In August, the Preventive Maintenance team at Facilities Services replaced 288 first aid kits around campus. Most first aid kits inside our fleet vehicles, mechanical rooms, laboratories, workshops, and other public spaces have now been exchanged with brand new kits.

As time goes by and kits get neglected, the supplies get depleted or deteriorate. Perishable medicines expire and lose their potency. The newer kits have up to date medicines, high quality bandages, and components that may not have been in the older kits such as scissors and digital thermometers.

By exchanging old kits for new we’re ensuring that supplies and medications remain in optimal condition and can significantly enhance the ability to provide quality immediate care for treating injuries. Technology and medical knowledge constantly evolve, leading to improvements in first aid products.

All of the first aid kits around campus are now on an annual preventive maintenance cycle. Once a year, contents will be inventoried and missing or expired items will be restocked. First aid kits are also supplemented by AEDs and opioid overdose kits, and Stop the Bleed kits for traumatic injuries will also be implemented soon.

Do you know where your local first aid kit is located? Do you know how to use it? If you or your department wish to have first aid training, Environmental, Health and Safety is available to schedule classes. They can be reached at 907-474-5949.