New changes to PolarExpress card request form

The new PolarExpress ID Card Design, 'Blue & Gold' by Ula Boughan.
The new PolarExpress ID Card Design, 'Blue & Gold' by Ula Boughan.

The Office of the Bursar has streamlined the forms used to request a PolarExpress ID card, depending on your needs.

All students, staff, and faculty will use the PolarExpress - ID Request form.

For all student employees, Fire Department, Police Department, Facility Services, Facility Services Contractors, Chartwells, Statewide, ABM, GI & ARC, and CTC Paramedic requests, please use the PolarExpress Badge form.

For all other contractors, researchers, and spouses or dependents, use the PolarExpress Courtesy Card form.

Each card will have prox and smart card capabilities. If needed, please reach out to your supervisors to add access. As the new cards come with additional functionality and cost, we have changed the price structure for new and replacement cards. There will no longer be a fee for a new PolarExpress card, and we reduced the replacement fee to $10. The annual renewal cost for Courtesy Cards and memo requirements will remain unchanged. Additionally, we are pleased to display the new card design created by UAF's Ula Boughan on all student, staff, and faculty IDs moving forward.

These changes will increase efficiency by simplifying the process for all UAF-affiliated and unaffiliated individuals. Please contact the Bursar office if you have any questions.