Nanook Technology introduces new smart locker system

Nanook Technology Services is deploying a new smart locker system to streamline the process of dropping off and picking up devices for service, making it easier, faster and more secure for everyone involved. The lockers are located just outside of Bunnell Room 230.

Smart lockers offer numerous benefits, including flexible access, enhanced security and increased efficiency. Each interaction is secured with advanced authentication methods, ensuring that devices are safely stored and only accessible by authorized individuals. The simple, self-service interface also helps reduce wait times and improve service delivery.

NTS customers now have three options for picking up and dropping off equipment for repairs. They can visit the NTS service desk at the Bunnell location during normal business hours; request an NTS technician to pick up or drop off equipment; or use the NTS lockers at any time.

How to use the NTS lockers:

  1. Swipe your UA Polar Express card to log in through the touch-screen interface.
  2. Choose either "Collect My Device" or "Drop Off My Device."
  3. Follow the steps to collect or drop off the device. After finishing these steps, remember to log off.

NTS staff are currently testing the lockers using select computer support tickets. They expect the lockers to be fully operational by the fall of 2024.

Questions? Contact the NTS service desk at, 907-450-8300.