Nanook Navigator training opportunities

Advisors are highly encouraged to sign up for Nanook Navigator training this summer, though training sessions are open to all Nanook Navigator users (staff and faculty advisors, instructors, student employees, front desk staff, etc.). The training may serve as an introduction for beginners or refresher for more experienced users.

There have been several updates and new features added to the platform since Fall 2017 and users may learn a new technique to help with their current student support processes.

Register online for the following training sessions:

  • Back to the Basics Learn how to set your default role, view students, view student profile, create a student list, staff dashboard and more.
  • Creating Appointments and Appointment Campaigns Set up your availability and calendar, create and manage appointments, find your appointment link and more.
  • Communicating with Students Learn how to text and email students through different areas of the platform.
  • Alerts and Case Management Learn how to manage cases using automated tools, filters and other features, and issue a referral to tutoring or financial aid.
  • Searches and Reports Learn how to run searches, run reports like grades, flags (alerts), appointments, and how to save, schedule and download the reports.
  • Progress reports and alerts (for instructors) Learn how to complete progress reports or issue flags and referrals in mid-August.