Limited employee spaces available in Nanook Grown Student Gardener Training Program

For the first time, the Nanook Grown Student Gardener Training Program has limited spaces available for UAF employees during the 2023 gardening season. The program is free for students. UAF employees may participate for a $40 fee.

Participants get their hands into the soil at the Fairbanks Farm and Georgeson Botanical Garden. Meetings are held 1-2 times per week to tend shared garden space with the guidance of student peer mentors and a professional. All needed materials, tools, seeds, plants, and information is included. Optional educational field trips and volunteer opportunities are offered as well. This program is part of the Harvest Project Collaborative.

The Harvest Project Collaborative is a joint program that brings together 1) the Georgeson Botanical Garden, 2) the UAF Office of Sustainability Nanook Grown Student Gardener Training program, and the 3) IANRE Variety Trials program. Together they grow beautiful produce, receive a share of the food, donate thousands of pounds to food distribution centers in Fairbanks and build community!

Apply for the program here.