July training spotlight: Using AI in the workplace

In today's digital age, artificial intelligence models are widely used in various fields, including education. However, it's important to be mindful of the risks related to privacy. Please read this announcement from IT concerning AI, FERPA, and privacy concerns.

In response to the Employee Feedback Survey on employee development, and President Pitney’s priority strategy of creating and enhancing self-service training materials for employees, the UA Talent Acquisition and Development team is committed to providing a broad range of resources focusing on career development, leadership, and supervision located through the Employee Engagement and Development Center. Each month we highlight training topics and share them in the UA News and each university’s newsletter.

This month the UA HR Talent Acquisition and Development Team invites you to delve into the transformative power of Using AI in the Workplace; to improve process efficiencies, productivity, workflow, project management, and content creation. This collection of courses offers practical insights and examples, emphasizing AI's potential to revolutionize the modern workplace while considering its ethical and sustainable use, as well as introductory videos on Microsoft Copilot Chat, a safe AI model for University use.

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