Introducing “My Profile” and improvements to personal information management in UAOnline

What’s new? The My Profile page is new to the upgraded UAOnline, anticipated to roll out on June 24, 2024. It will be accessible from the main menu either from the tabs at the top of the page or the menu links. It contains links to personal information and direct deposit management pages.

  • Stay tuned for more new features: In the next issue of UA News, we will introduce the new employee dashboard and direct deposit interface.

Edit your personal information: One of the first changes available in the upgraded UAOnline is the ability to directly edit your personal information. The My Profile tab is one of two ways to navigate to that dashboard, the other being from the “My Profile” button in the new employee dashboard. 

  • The personal information dashboard is where users can update personal information, communication preferences, emergency contacts, and more.
Screenshot of new Personal Information tab

How will it work? On the left is a display-only section containing the latest photo on record for one's UA ID card, preferred name and last name, UA ID number, and university email address, for quick reference.

On the right, there are several sections where personal information can be reviewed or updated:

  • Personal details (names, pronouns, gender identity etc.)
  • Email
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact 
  • Additional Details

Information can be edited by clicking on the Pencil Icon. If a section is grayed out, it cannot be edited. For example, legal names or birthdates can’t be changed, but you can update your preferred name.

  • Visit the Employee page on the UAOnline Upgrade website for more FAQs and videos on updating personal information.

How is this an improvement? Currently, users have to visit multiple pages to manage each of these types of personal data separately; the new interface provides a single location for managing all of these fields in a streamlined and easier-to-use dashboard.

Where do I get more information? The UAOnline Upgrade Google Site contains resources to guide community members through the changes. As each implementation phase approaches, we will communicate with affected users in coordination with University leadership, detailing what will be changing and when the changes will occur.