Increasing awareness about neurodiversity among learners in our classrooms

Illustration of neurodiversity
CSL Behring
Illustration of neurodiversity

Neurodiversity among learners in our classrooms may include neurotypical students as well as those with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other types of neurodiversity. Jane Essex and Jane Catlin from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, will present a series of sessions at UAF in July that address pedagogical strategies, evaluation approaches and existential questions about inclusion in STEM, humanities and arts classes. The series is titled Pedagogical approaches for inclusion in STEAM.

This series, taking place July 20 and 21 in 501 Akasofu, will include a two-part workshop and a stand-alone seminar. Attend one, two, or all three! Sign up here:

There is limited travel support available for faculty members at UAF rural campuses. Please indicate on the form if you are requesting support.

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