Alaskans: Submit ice photos to help predict flooding

photo shot straight down showing the photographer's and several other people's bunny boots standing on river ice
Courtesy of Fresh Eyes on Ice
Alaskans can help predict river flooding by submitting photos and observations to Fresh Eyes on Ice.

Fresh Eyes on Ice, a University of Alaska Fairbanks citizen science project, is urging Alaskans to send in photos to help predict flooding in the state. Due to the cold spring, Alaska is at a higher risk of flooding this year, and Fresh Eyes on Ice is calling on members of the public to help keep their communities safe.

The project collects and shares ice photos from citizens to help make critical river ice break-up forecasts for Alaska communities and to understand long-term changes in ice. This year, photos submitted by the public will be sent directly to the National Weather Service to help predict flooding and issue warnings to communities.

To participate, Alaskans can submit pictures of river and lake ice to the project website with location information and a brief description of conditions. Every community should be prepared for the potential of ice-jam flooding, and the observations made by citizens can provide critical information to forecasters and emergency management officials.

For more information, visit Fresh Eyes on Ice.

ADDITIONAL CONTACT: Katie Spellman,, 907-474-1554.