Field safety for researchers

Annually, the vice chancellor for research office has supported field safety training to help create safer field sites and safer researchers. Nanook Recreation has put together a menu of hard and soft skills requested by researchers. We thank Vice Chancellor for Research Nettie La Belle-Hamer for supporting this program once again.

Details can be found here: Academic classes and field safety courses | Nanook Recreation (Scroll down a bit and you will be able to see each course in detail.)

Please note we will be doing sign-ups a little differently. On Jan. 10 at noon, we will post and open a Google form. Participants can complete the form with their requests and Fund-Org. The Fund-Org accounting string helps ensure participants are indeed UAF researchers and is only charged if you cancel a few days before or no-show. This helps prevent people from signing up for everything and only actually doing one course.

Wilderness First Responder class

Historically, UAF offers a Wilderness First Responder class in May. An action packed eight-day, 80-hour course. However, the instructor has retired from WFR and will not be here this year. As a substitute, Nanook Rec is hosting a WFR that meets during the semester. This training is very high quality, near equivalent to an EMT except you don't have the ambulance. We require at least one leader to have this training on any trip Nanook Rec does outside the city. This certification is identical to the course normally offered in May, just spread out over a few weeks. We can accept Fund-Org for payment, but this course fee is not covered by the VC Research office. Details can be found at the same link.