FEMCON cosplay competition

Fem-Con is a program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, taking place during the last week of March (Women’s History Month). This event is focused on the idea of celebrating and empowering femininity, and there are many events being hosted throughout that week.

Come show off your Cosplaying skills and come dressed to impress! Join us in the Multi-Level Lounge on Saturday, March 30 as we celebrate femininity (what you make of it) through make-up, accessories, costumes and performance. Fill out this form to enter. https://forms.gle/bAes9oXLmKT49ANr6

We will have snacks, giveaways and prizes. See you there! Please bring your friends! Walk-in contestants welcome!

For more information, contact Julia Aikman at 907-474-6368 or jeaikman@alaska.edu.