Documentary features work at metabolism research center

Oct. 18, 2021

A new documentary about hibernation was co-produced by a UAF student and features interviews with Kelly Drew, director of UAF’s Center for Transformative Research in Metabolism.

“Olympic Sleepers of the Arctic” explores the physiological adaptations of the hibernating arctic ground squirrel and how understanding these mechanisms may lead to translational applications for human health and the treatment of disease. Jamie Currie, a graduate student in the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, and his film-making partner Irene Magafan of the World Wildlife Fund, produced the film in collaboration with Eye2Eye Productions. The video features interviews with Drew and with Cory Williams, an assistant professor of biology at Colorado State University. 

The film premiered at the Chesapeake Film Festival in Easton Maryland and is posted on TRiM's website. The producers plan to submit a longer version of the film to domestic and international film festivals.

For more information, email Kelly Drew at or Denise Daniello at