CircleIn available at UAF

CircleIn is a studying app to help you get organized and study with your classmates remotely, while giving you the chance to earn rewards by helping your peers.

Use CircleIn to:

  • share resources like notes and helpful videos
  • form study groups chat with classmates
  • create flashcards and quizzes to prepare for exams
  • post questions and answers keep track of your assignments and tasks

The more you use CircleIn to assist your classmates, the more rewards you can earn. Students can earn rewards like Amazon and Best Buy gift cards, and even scholarships, just for studying and collaborating.

There are two ways to access CircleIn:

  1. Download the mobile app at Here is a video demonstration on how to log in:
  2. Go to, select “Login”, choose University of Alaska Fairbanks, enter your credentials.

Watch for more announcements about how CircleIn can help you get connected with your classmates. Visit the student support center to learn more.