Chief diversity faculty fellow - extended

In late July, UAF announced that the Department of Equity and Compliance and the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities would join under one umbrella as the new Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability. With the reorganization and recruitment of a new ORCA executive director, the responsibility of the chief diversity officer was removed from the director role and re-established in FY24 as a faculty fellow position. This position will work closely with the newly established ORCA office, along with stakeholders across the university.

The chief diversity faculty fellow is intended to be a multifaceted role requiring a combination of leadership, advocacy, communication and collaboration skills to effect positive change in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across our university.

Focus areas for this position include:

  • Collaboration and Networking: Collaborate with various departments, committees, and stakeholders across the institution to foster and grow a culture of diversity and inclusivity.
  • Training and Education: Advise ORCA, HR, CTL, CSE and other units about workshops, seminars, and training sessions that will increase awareness and understanding of inclusion, unconscious bias, and cultural competence among faculty and staff.
  • Advocacy: Serve as an advocate for DEIA-related issues across the institution. Collaborate with student groups and organizations to support DEIA-related initiatives and create a cohesive approach to fostering an inclusive campus environment.
  • Policy Development: Contribute to the development and review of institutional policies that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, ensuring alignment with best practices and legal requirements.

The CDFF position will be appointed on a two-year cycle with the opportunity for a term renewal. The fellowship will consist of a one course buyout per semester and 1.5 months of summer funding.

Deans and directors are asked to complete a Google form with the nomination of one to two faculty members between now and Oct. 13. Faculty interested in pursuing this opportunity should speak with their dean regarding a nomination.