Call for URSA review panel members

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity is seeking members for the 2024-2025 URSA application review panel. First review opportunities start September 11. Faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and research staff from all UAF campuses and disciplines are invited to participate.

This year URSA has eight rounds of applications requiring panel review, including Undergraduate Student Project Awards (spring, summer, fall); Mentor Awards (spring, summer and AY25-26); Student Belonging and Community; and Community-Engaged Learning Awards.

Once the proposals for a particular award cycle have been received, the applications are distributed randomly to four members of the review panel. The panel consists of reviewers from all disciplines in the arts/humanities/social sciences and natural/life and engineering sciences.

Applications are reviewed within a listed two-week period and scoring is completed via an online form. Reviewers typically receive four to eight applications to review for a given application period.

Panel members can choose the application period(s) they wish to participate in using this form. URSA will confirm availability two to three weeks before each review period starts.

Each year, review panel members are listed on the URSA "About Us" page. Thank you for your service!

Please contact URSA at or call 907-450-8772 for more information.

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