2022 ASGP graduate student research awardees

The Alaska Space Grant Program is proud to support the following graduate students as they progress toward their master’s degrees.  Each has been selected to pursue their research until the next year. Congratulations to this year’s graduate student research awardees.

• Dallas Breunig is researching the feasibility of a deployable localization system for satellites. Breunig is designing a system to be deployed by a satellite onto a target celestial object for the satellite.

• Naomi Kroyer is implementing a regenerative ranging protocol for small satellites. Kroyer hopes to reduce the overall noise and provide better accuracy of ranging methods for localizing satellite location in space.

• Mitchell Hay is developing a full-duplex retrodirective array for CubeSat applications. Hay's efforts will help small satellites improve their signal-to-noise ratio and achieve higher channel capacity while meeting the stringent needs of size, weight and power that come with the design of CubeSats.

• James Miller is working on the development of a versatile ground station for satellite communications. Miller is developing an experimental S-band receiver which will feature automatic switching of modulation and coding protocols as part of his project.

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