UAF’s Hinzman elected president of Arctic science organization

July 30, 2018

Jeff Richardson

Larry Hinzman
Larry Hinzman

University of Alaska Fairbanks Vice Chancellor for Research Larry Hinzman has been elected president of the International Arctic Science Committee.

IASC is an international scientific organization that was formed in 1990 to encourage and facilitate cooperation throughout the Arctic research community. The nongovernmental institution, which includes representatives from 23 countries, promotes scientific cooperation and gives advice to the Arctic Council and other organizations on Arctic science issues.

IASC champions critically important research programs that are either too big for any single nation to undertake or that require international collaboration to be successful. Hinzman’s role as president will be to ensure that the organization leads in promoting scientific cooperation and investments in Arctic science throughout the world, he said.

“The need for sound policies, anchored in valid scientific studies, has never been greater,” Hinzman said. “IASC will promote scientific studies that enable formulation of wise policy, informed decision-making and community planning based on a complete understanding of the evolving Arctic system.”

Hinzman has a long history as an Arctic researcher. A professor of civil and environmental engineering, he previously served as the director of UAF’s International Arctic Research Center and has conducted long-term hydrological and meteorological studies in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada and Russia.

Hinzman was elected IASC president last month during the IASC Council meeting in Davos, Switzerland, succeeding Susan Barr of Norway. His four-year term as president runs through 2022.