New degree requirement for 2019-2020 catalog

September 13, 2018

University Relations

Beginning in fall 2019, the Alaska Native-themed requirement will be a degree requirement for all incoming UAF baccalaureate, associate of arts and associate of science students. This requirement will apply to students using catalogs for the 2019-2020 and subsequent school years. Students on earlier catalogs will not have this requirement. Faculty Senate voted to adopt the ANT requirement in spring 2018.

A student will be able to meet this requirement by taking at least 3 credits of ANT coursework anywhere in the student’s course of study, including the General Education Requirements, major requirements, minor requirements and electives. For example, if a student successfully completes a GER course or an elective course in the social sciences that also is designated as an ANT requirement course, the student will have fulfilled both a social science GER (or an elective course) and the ANT requirement.

Similarly, a student in a program (major or minor) that includes among its requirements a course with the ANT designator will be able to fulfill both the requirement for the program and the ANT requirement upon successful completion of the course. The 3 ANT credits may be met through a single course of 3 or more credits or through a combination of 1- and 2-credit courses.

The Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee would like to address questions and concerns from the university community.  Questions and comments regarding the new ANT Requirement may be sent to Eileen M. Harney, chair of the Curricular Affairs Committee, at

Faculty members who are interested in designing new ANT courses and/or updating existing courses to meet the ANT rubric are asked to submit syllabi and course descriptions to the Curricular Affairs Committee via email ( by Sunday, Sept. 30.

Following the Faculty Alliance unanimous adoption of a resolution in support for Alaska Native Studies General Education Requirement (Resolution 2017-05) (2017), the Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate was charged with proposing the details of such a requirement at UAF.  Comparable requirements either have been or are in the process of being formulated at both UAA and UAS.