Budget update: June 26

June 26, 2019

Tori Tragis

— by Dan White, chancellor

The governor’s budget for the university is anticipated to be announced this Friday. Since the Board of Regents must accept a budget before it can be distributed to UA and the three universities, the timing of the governor’s budget signing and the BOR meeting are important. Consequently, the BOR meeting that was planned for Thursday is now set for Friday.

In last week’s budget column, I encouraged everyone to review the systemwide reductions and reallocations as presented by President Johnsen to the BOR on June 6. At this point, there is no detail about a gubernatorial veto or a legislative veto override. Out of an abundance of caution, President Johnsen asked the chancellors to sketch out strategies for how we would address deeper cuts, such as a potential $30 million cut at UAF.

During the continuation budgeting process, UAF had planned for a budget reduction and reallocation of $14 million. In order to address a potential $30 million budget reduction scenario, the Core Cabinet met this past Friday to discuss various programs, services and facilities and what is core to our mission. 

We also recognize that budget reductions will necessitate that we scale back or eliminate services we provide both to the community and the state. In all likelihood, we would implement a hiring freeze or possibly a furlough to generate one-time savings. Such funds would buy us time to deliberate and review programs and services that are identified as candidates for reduction or elimination.

Your hard work and dedication keeps UAF moving forward in these uncertain times. I thank you for your commitment in helping UAF fulfill its mission of teaching, research and service every day.