Budget update: Feb. 20

February 20, 2019

Tori Tragis

— by Dan White, chancellor

President Johnsen convened a meeting on Monday with his leadership team and chancellors to discuss Gov. Dunleavy’s proposed budget and UA’s planning and advocacy strategy.  The following points came out as a result of this discussion:

  1. The university is not, at this point, implementing a hiring or travel freeze, but I request all UAF units use an added level of judgment in filling positions.

  2. A community college unit, operated separately from the three universities, is under consideration at the statewide level. No decisions have been made on what this unit would look like or where it would reside.

  3. The president is not leaning toward recommending to the Board of Regents that the university consolidate under a single accreditation.

  4. The president has asked the three chancellors to focus on our missions and priorities. I will begin this process immediately working with the vice chancellors and provost.

Advocacy will be an important part going forward. UA Statewide is leading this effort on behalf of the system. Private donations to the University of Alaska will support these efforts. This includes working with Statewide leadership and UAF’s employees, students, alumni and supporters to articulate the importance of the university to the state. Our alumni and advisory boards will be critical in this work. The university has over 100,000 alumni spread around the state. While we work with UA to develop advocacy plans, I recommend you engage your advisory boards, alumni and program supporters now to help spread the word about UAF’s good work and important role in the future of Alaska.

With respect to all of these items, please be assured that we will continue to focus on UAF’s strategic goals and on our future moving forward. With strong advocacy and a good plan, we will have control of our future. I will continue to share information with you as we go forward.