Administrative review proposals

April 13, 2020

Tori Tragis

— by Dan White, chancellor

In my budget update on April 1 I announced that the expedited administrative review committee (EARC) had completed their review and submitted a final report that would be available on my website for comment through April 12. 

First, I want to thank everyone that served on the committee. I know that we are all working hard on many things and serving on a committee adds to the many other things needing your attention. I also want to thank those who submitted feedback on the report. Thank you for your commitment to UAF and working to provide a review of our administrative functions.

UAF community feedback was received on recommendations from the EARC report, and one recommendation predominantly stood out, the need for shared services. Shared services are a theme found throughout the entirety of the report and is something that we have already begun to explore.

As a next step in developing shared services, I have asked two of the six proposing units (GI and Facility Services) to expand on their proposals to include additional details and functions. I have asked that revised proposals be returned by April 24. 

Outside of shared services there are a number of other recommended mergers and administrative reductions that I am continuing to look at.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.