Alaska 529 common questions

Whether you are new to investing in Alaska 529 or have several years of experience, common questions arise. Here is one that comes up after filing for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

"I checked ‘Yes’ on my PFD application for the first time; now what?"

Congratulations, you did it! You are on your way toward saving for future education expenses. Follow the steps outlined below to open your account. Or, do nothing, and your account will be invested in the University of Alaska Portfolio.

1) Visit and click ‘Open Account’

2) Choose your investment portfolio(s), set up your account preferences, and add any banking or additional contribution information.

3) Select your initial funding option: PFD, initial contribution, or recurring contribution.

4) Keep an eye on your mailbox this summer. We’ll send you a letter detailing your account information.

5) Visit the account holder page to check out our helpful tools and resources.

For more information, contact Shea Bredlie at

By checking ‘Yes’ on your PFD application, you are automatically entered for a chance to win a $25,000 scholarship from Alaska 529!